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Natuzzi Revive is the world’s first "performance recliner", bringing innovation and comfort to the home furniture market. Revive combines the Natuzzi Italian heritage for quality and craftsmanship with leading-edge ergonomic technology.

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Chair Reacts Intuitively and Fluidly to Your Body


HIGH POINT, N.C., Dec. 19, 2014 — With the 2015 New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, Natuzzi has an answer to healthful living without doing any work: the Revive Chair.

The world’s first performance recliner is engineered to adjust and react intuitively and fluidly to the body’s movements, thereby promoting health and well-being through total support and unparalleled comfort.  The Revive Chair is truly restful because it innovatively moves effortlessly with the human body – front-to-back and side-to-side – unlike any other chair in existence.  Patented mechanisms revolutionize not only its construction but the way the body is able to move while in it.

Interestingly, studies show that relaxation is both physical and mental, and includes basic matters such as how the body moves from standing, to sitting to reclining. Making the time to reflect, relax and recharge is considered essential to good health.

In fact, according to a recent study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, one of the top ten 2015 resolutions of Americans is to stay fit and healthy – including reducing stress levels. 

“During the day the body develops tension,” says Pasquale Natuzzi, chairman and chief designer for the Natuzzi Group. “Revive is designed to move in harmony with the human body, effortlessly shifting to allow total relaxation both mentally and physically.  This chair was created to cocoon the human body in in a healthy, supported posture which provides a new generation of total revitalization.”

Unlike traditional chairs, Revive’s primary mechanism is made of highly flexible injection molded polymer, resulting in a gentle, dynamic rocking action and seamless shift between positions to remove the stress and strain of manual adjustment. A specialty weight compensating mechanism provides a natural reclining motion, which mimics the body. Its three flex movements – twist, lumbar and recline – work in unison to deliver fluid natural motion. Revive’s core provides strong, dynamic support by naturally spreading weight evenly for ultimate comfort. The tilting ottoman also follows the body’s lead and aids in circulation. 

The Revive chair also fulfills another common New Year’s Resolution: to recycle or participate in other earth-friendly activities. Made of recycled materials, the Revive chair can later be recycled and made into other products, furthermore Revive is produced with clean and renewable energy, thanks to photovoltaic panels installed on rooftops of our plants in Italy.

The chairs come in two sizes, queen and king. They also have seven designer styles: quilted, tailored, casual, linear, club, lunge and suite with a choice of 21 different leather colors including Summer White, Pearl Gray, Pearl Blue, Bright Burgundy, Evergreen, Pitch Black, Pearl Gold, Midnight Blue, Pearl Taupe and Deep Brown. Two fabric and one microfiber collection offer additional customization.  

“Healthy living resolutions usually include additional trips to the gym,” says Natuzzi. “Afterward, when you come home from working out, it is important to take the time to relax and revive. The ergonomic design of Revive makes it easier to maintain healthy living and reduce stress as a new lifestyle that far surpasses any New Year’s Resolution.”